FIU Modeling Workshop

This page is a collection of all the blogposts from my workshop @ FIU.  I have come to realize that the organization of this page doesn't make sense.  Over the next few weeks, I'll be redoing the pages so that there is 1 post for each unit.  To me, that makes more sense going forward.

Organized by Unit:
Unit 1 - Scientific Thinking
Unit 2 - Constant Velocity Particle Model
Unit 3 - Uniform Acceleration Particle Model
Unit 4 - Free Particle Model
Unit 5 - Constant Force Particle Model
Unit 6 - 2D Particle Model
Unit 7 - Energy
      LOL Diagrams
Unit 8 - Central Force Particle Model
Unit 9 - Momentum

Organized by date:
June 26th   
June 27th
June 28th
    June 29th
    June 30th
      July 1st
        July 5th
        July 6th

        July 7th
        July 8th
        July 11th
        July 12th
        July 13th
        July 14th
        July 15th